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Fun with Vintage Flooring

By Alyssa Starelli, July 2, 2019

Ever climbed into an attic room and found an original true linoleum “art rug” preserved for perpetuity? Maybe, you walked down into a dark basement, hit the lights and a crazy quilt pattern of asphalt or vinyl composition tiles or polished stones greeted you? Or perhaps, your agent (hopefully me) merely popped the front door to a vast wonderland of SHAG carpet?

A 2013 study conducted by the National Association of Realtors found that 54% of buyers were willing to pay more for homes decked out in hardwood. And in 2019, new wood flooring ranked as the #4 most popular project to attract potential buyers, right below kitchen-related projects and HVAC replacements. Wood flooring is any product manufactured as timber flooring that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. Wood is a common choice as a flooring material and can come in various styles, colors, cuts, and species. Timber flooring is a product of nature. It’s also commonly known as wood flooring and hardwood flooring in the market. Timber flooring is a product that manufactured from timber to provide warm and an easy feeling on the feet. Timber flooring that constructed with more than 1 layer of wood.

If you’ve ever shopped for a home, I’m pretty sure this has happened to you!  As a REALTOR® specializing in mid-century and “period-perfect” time capsules, I’ve been documenting floors for some time.  These are floors from houses 1890-1980 in the Portland Metro Area.  Watch for my post on Wall Papers, next!

Here are some of my collection:

And a few random floors, just for fun:

Alyssa Starelli

Broker | OR

A Portland native, Alyssa started her real estate career in the chaotic market of 2005, and quickly realized she reveled in matching particular clients with their perfect home, no matter how unusual. She then began specializing in mid-century properties - both Modern and Modest. More recently, she has included what she calls "Period-Perfect" homes to her repertoire. Her goal in this is to seek out those hard-to-find, unremodeled original homes of all eras. When I started in real estate, I realized there was a market for ranch homes, from Mid-Century Modern to the more modest Daylight Ranch, but few REALTORS® willing to service it. I started highlighting these 'Picks of the Week' on my website, introducing enthusiasts to the full gamut of midcentury houses of Portland. In 2006, I founded the Mid-Century Modern League in order to educate the public about the importance of preserving these gems. Today I continue to focus on Mid-Mod, but have added vintage, mostly unremodeled houses of earlier eras, which I call 'Period-Perfect', because they have interest to clients and are under-serviced too. Frankly, I enjoy seeking out any unusual or original elements a client might be interested in, it's a challenge to rise to." As Founder of the Mid-century Modern League, Alyssa is considered an authority in the local mid-century architecture scene, and is especially proud to include the Editors of Atomic Ranch Magazine in her past-client list. Often quoted in news and radio, she has been able to bring additional interest to her business, listings, and client's homes - many of which have been featured in magazines such as Atomic Ranch, Oregon Home, The Oregonian and also included on several local home tours. With a background in marketing, and an eye for the unique, Alyssa really enjoys buying and selling properties whose interesting features may be overlooked by other realtors, even (or especially) if those features aren't mentioned in the listing. As a hobby, Alyssa has issued herself a challenge to walk every residential street of Portland proper and document the best architecture specimens of each neighborhood. There are about 3500 square miles of Portland, and it's a big feat. By the time she finishes, she will have seen every house in Portland with her own eyes! You can follow her walks on her blog Portland-by-Foot. When off duty, you can find Alyssa at estate sales, honky tonks, her friend's cattle ranch, or seeking out ghost towns, roadtripping to the Oregon high-desert. A music fanatic and semi-retired booker/manager, Alyssa is heavily immersed in the western swing, old-school country, and rockabilly music scene, and you'll often find her out at shows, dancing, maybe even sharing her favorites on the radio. Alyssa Starelli 503-888-1362
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