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Momma Stories with Jenelle Isaacson

By Living Room Realty, October 24, 2019

Momma Stories is a podcast featuring the stories and strength from moms about the adventure that is motherhood created by Sarah Baker. Sarah truly believes that moms sharing their stories can be so empowering and helps them to know they aren’t alone, they are enough, and they are loved.

On Sarah’s recent journey to Portland she sat down with Living Room’s own Jenelle Isaacson, a mom of two sweet girls. Jenelle has gone from punk rocker, to using those skills and experiences to launch her own incredibly successful Real Estate company. She shares how her focus on experience rather than the results can make a huge difference. Jenelle talks about how that lead her to focus on her community and building a business that truly cares for its people, their clients, and even the environment. Jenelle is a true Mompreneur and has a ton of great ideas and inspiration to share.

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