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Rich Chapter Ends…

By Joanne Fantozzi, September 30, 2019

Joyful New Chapter Begins

I enjoy the variety of architecture and settings I get to see in the course of my job. Not all capture my imagination (which is fine because it isn’t about whether I would buy the property!) but every once in a while, a property can spark personal interest. I just closed on such a listing, a mid-century time capsule on half an acre perched high above the Happy Valley sprawl where the straight on view of Mt Hood is unparalleled. On many occasions, I would sit on the deck, take in the expansive mountain view and look down at the apple orchard and wonder, what would it be like to live in a less urban dynamic? Ultimately, timing wasn’t right for me to take these musings seriously and now as of Friday, a lovely couple are taking up ownership.

Mind you, selling this property wasn’t an easy process—but it took the time it needed to for my seller to be ready to let go of what was the family home for almost fifty years. Once that letting go happened, the right price netted the right buyers who saw all the good and brought with them a sense of honor in becoming the next stewards.

I am happy for my seller and while I am extremely relieved to have this concluded, I wouldn’t have traded the time I spent with Richard, my seller. Getting to know him has been an extraordinary gift and the true payoff to listing the property. Wicked smart, genuinely kind and the most present of souls, Richard moves through the world with a spirit and curiosity rarely found in people half his chronological age. We should all be so fortunate to have a smidgen of his joie de vivre! I am honored to have gained Richard as a friend, and that is a beautiful reward that survives the event of escrow.


Joanne Fantozzi

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