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Alberta Arts Gem for a First Time Buyer and Her Pup

By Natalie Tracy, October 29, 2021

I first met Ally about two years ago, along with her mom, at an open house. She was just starting to consider buying her first home, and looking for help understanding the process. We met for coffee, and as I do for all of my first time buyers, we walked through the ins and outs of home buying. We also got her connected with a great local lender to help her navigate the financial end of the process.

Feeling prepared and confident, she was ready to start her search. But nothing seemed quite right. And then COVID hit. Like so many folks, she decided to put her search on hold. We stayed in touch, and I assured her when the time was right, she would know.

So, I was delighted to hear from her in late September, wanting to know what I thought about a 1940s brick townhouse she’d seen online. It was adorable, just blocks away from the Alberta Arts District. It was exactly the type of place I always imagined her in, even when she was previously considering newer construction.

I told her “You’ll have competition on a place this cute – but it’s worth it! These little brick plexes are so desirable and hold their value much better than an average condo.”

So, we went to check it out that afternoon. When we arrive, behind a little gate set back from the street, there are five neighbors out in this beautifully landscaped courtyard – just hanging out and playing with their dogs, like it’s their own dog park. Ally was immediately enchanted, because it just seemed so perfect for her dog, Ramsey.

She got to visit with the neighbors and was in love with the place. We both knew it was so perfect for her. It even had a little garden out back – all these things you don’t usually find with an attached home.

Every time we went back for inspections, to take measurements, or meet a contractor, there were neighbors out in the courtyard (with their dogs) who couldn’t wait to meet her dog!

She’d even put it in her letter to the sellers how much she could see herself and Ramsey there, that she’d met their neighbors, that she couldn’t imagine a more perfect place.

Ally trusted her instincts, took a break when she needed to, and jumped back in when the time was right. And now she and Ramsey have this adorable place to call home.

Natalie Tracy

Broker | OR & WA


I purchased my first Portland fixer 17 years ago, and was immediately hooked on Portland homes and neighborhoods. I bring that passion to helping my clients buy and sell their own perfectly Portland homes! I pride myself on meeting every client exactly where you are - whether you’re a first time buyer, a seller looking for more room, or anywhere in between, I’m here to help. I listen to your needs, and take the time and patience to create a stress-free process for you. I’m licensed in Oregon and Washington, so if you’re on the fence, I can help you in Portland and Vancouver. I’m also fluent in American Sign Language, and have been involved with the local Deaf community for more than 15 years. I ensure all of my clients feel informed and involved throughout the entire process, and I genuinely love what I get to do everyday. Drop me a text or give me a call - I’d love to buy you coffee/tea and chat about how I can help you!
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