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Backyard “shack” for a teenager

By Living Room Realty, June 28, 2019

I work with many clients that are squished at the seams.  Our house conversations often question whether they should add on to their home, remodel their basement, or sell and go bigger.  That conversation is the same one I have with myself.  Like my clients, my own 1905 bungalow that has served my two children and I very well over the years, but we too, are over-flowing our spaces.  My son and daughter share a room, we have one full bath, our living room is our shared space where we all hang; we have gotten used to living on top of one another.  Our 900 sqft of living space has made for one tight-knit-family.  We see our “tightness” as a really perk and wouldn’t give that up for the world. But come late summer/fall we will began our house hunt to make space for a fourth to entry our tribe.

But until that time comes, meet the “shack”.  This tiny-wee-bitty shed that we built for summer slumber parties years ago, has become my teen daughter’s summer room.  Its fits only a double mattress (It was an expensive one we’d bought though; click here to know the details). When she gets sick of her brother and I, or needs her own space, she can sleep outside or chill with her girlfriends.  It allows her to ‘be’ more independent.  It allows her to spread her wings, which are growing everyday and are quite beautiful.

The only pitfall so far, have been the raccoons that run over its roof at night and play with the extension cord but sound like giant beasts that want to EAT you.

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