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Beaumont-Wilshire Buyers SOLD!

By Joanne Fantozzi, February 18, 2020

I first met buyers Robert and Hannah in January 2018 while they were in town to visit their daughter. They had long contemplated a move to Oregon and friends of theirs, Kermit and Suzy, who are great past clients of mine,had just made the same move to Portland the prior fall. They encouraged them to reach out to me even if relocation remained a future goal. They did and we agreed to meet for coffee at Costellos Travel Café at NE Broadway/22nd Ave. (Sidebar for the uninitiated, Costellos is a charming breakfast/lunch spot where one can enjoy great coffee & eats while inspiring videos of world travels play in the background).  The conversation was a good one and marked an important step in the direction of making their relocation to Oregon a reality! 

Fast forward two years that were filled with tracking neighborhoods that could be a fit, several visits to tour homes and the bittersweet nature of wrapping up their lives in another state. With the task of selling their current home behind them (and a move into a temporary apartment completed) they were ready. At the top of their list were the great neighborhood streets of  Beaumont-Wilshire and Alameda adjacent to the Beaumont Village business district. (Pips and Grand Central were already favorite spots). When a property that looked like it could hit all the marks came on the market in late January, they flew in to view it, made an offer and in a multiple bid situation, they prevailed.

We closed on Valentines Day, a sweet reward for my Buyers after years of envisioning a move. Congratulations, Hannah and Robert! I am honored and delighted to welcome you home to Portland.

Joanne Fantozzi

Earth Advantage Broker

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