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Bungalow Dreams in South Burlingame

By Sally Tansill, March 19, 2020

Sam and Scott have been amazing neighbors to my family since they moved to Portland in 2018.  Scott arrived from Amsterdam to find them a rental house and Sam arrived 6 months later with their 2 month old daughter.  Over the past 2 years we have shared pot luck dinners, playdates. soccer games and more.  They were debating whether or not to buy a home and once they sold their apartment in the Netherlands they decided to take the plunge.  I was incredibly flattered when they approached me and asked for my help in their search.

British natives, their list of list of “wants” included a proper American front porch, a big yard and good proximity to schools. We started our search and within a few days a house came to market in South Burlingame that seemed to check all of the boxes.  The house had the porch, a big yard, tree house, proximity to schools and is near the charming Multnomah Village.

Scott came with me to look as Sam was in England and we decided to made a quick and solid offer hoping to quiet the competition. In the midst of our post-offer purgatory, I received a call from the listing agent letting us know that the house needed a new roof. After some conversation with all sides we decided that we still wanted to move forward, but had to wait until half and hour before the offer expired to find out it was accepted.  Through some calm negotiation and fact driven discovery we negotiated the necessary credits and have had a smooth transaction since the repair period ended.

It was such a pleasure to work with these cool clients (literally and figuratively) as they made working on their behalf an absolute pleasure.



Sally Tansill

Broker | OR


Sally moved to Portland with her family in 2012 from Brooklyn, NY, seeking an improved quality of life and a change of pace from her busy career in the sports industry. Moving with very little personal connection to the city was difficult and at times overwhelming, but she knew it would suit her lifestyle and be a place that reinforced the values she wanted for her children, and she was right! A mother of three (four, including her dog Eli), she has navigated new neighborhoods, schools, and other city resources and looks forward to sharing that knowledge with people looking to create or renew their own sense of place. The idea of "home" means something different to everyone and Sally's goal for her clients is to find the place where that word resonates for them. Every stage of life provides an element of transition and that often comes with a desire to change your surroundings. For some, it could be a question of space while for others it is changing scenery between the city and the country. Sally has lived in apartments, condominiums, teepees (long story), studios, rented houses, and now owns a home as well as a few rental properties with her husband in Portland. Sally is an avid skier and music fan and loves that this city provides the opportunity to pursue all of those interests in such an accessible way. Her sports loyalties still lie on the east coast, but she has caught the Portland Timbers bug and loves going to games with her family: the camaraderie is contagious! Ever the optimist, she believes that positive relationships and people are the key to personal and professional success, especially when it comes to real estate! She loves sharing her experience and wants to guide her clients to the place they call home.
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