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Client Appreciation Gifts

By Yonette Fine, December 8, 2022

Client appreciation is always top of mind for me. I love my people and truly appreciate them trusting me to manage some of the largest transactions in their lives. In addition to spending time breaking bread, sipping tea or hiking in the forest, I really enjoy showing a little extra gratitude in the form of holiday gifting.

Last year I started with client gifts at Thanksgiving, as I feel it is an excellent moment to say “thank you”, and not many gifts are flying around that time of the year. The Thanksgiving gifts were super impactful and culminated in many “I miss you dates” and new business.

 This year I had intended to share my latest chocolate obsession with my lovely clients during Thanksgiving week, but the small, local chocolatier was overwhelmed with orders and we missed the Thanksgiving week. As the gifts rolled out the first week of December, I was amazed at the high level of gratitude and excitement from my clients. They loved that the company was local and the variety of chocolates was vast. My calendar is full until the end of January with dates, and my heart is warm.

Happy Holidays,

Yonette Fine

Your Enthusiastic Advocate

Yonette Fine

Broker | OR


Yonette Fine is a licensed REALTOR® in Oregon who approaches the industry with her energetic personality and enthusiasm for life, people, and real estate. Yonette draws anyone she meets right into her world! She hails from the San Francisco Bay Area where she was graduated with a degree in Broadcast Communication Arts. In 1995, after a short stint in radio, she decided to use her powers for good instead of evil and join her husband at their newly formed graphic design firm as VP of Client Services. Twenty-Five years later, that firm is still producing excellent creative and branding work which has allowed her to follow her passion in real estate. When not delivering outstanding client service, you can find her in one of a few places: chatting with a neighbor in Willamette Heights, hiking in Forest Park, or in Paris, France enjoying a “Mama Vacation” Find out more about me on my website.
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