Blog Stories Competing for the Top Spot; Brilliant North Tabor Townhome Just Sold! :)

Competing for the Top Spot; Brilliant North Tabor Townhome Just Sold! :)

By Living Room Realty, August 7, 2018

With two other units sitting on the market in this complex, my client and I had to put together a strategic plan to get this beautiful home sold! In the shifting market Portland is starting witness, a great marketing plan is more important than ever.

First steps should always be making sure the home is spruced up for the next home owners. Meaning invest the time and money to replace or repair items like carpets, abused trim, backsplash, adjusting cabinets, making sure exterior and interior doors function properly, re-caulk or grout as needed. Make sure the home passes the sniff test, yes, I said it! “The Sniff Test.” Outside the home, make sure the roof and gutters are clean, landscaping is crisp, deck is washed and or stained, these items can really help the curb appeal. The goal should be to stand out above the rest, not join them.  Make a checklist, get some quotes, and push forward!

If the home is vacant hire a professional stager to bring out the best in the property and showcase that use of space! Vacant homes can really benefit from staging, but due to the costs some sellers choose to disregard this marketing tool. Make sure to hire a professional photographer, one who focuses on Real Estate! They will have the proper lenses and equipment to get the job done!

Please remember, your trying to sell one of the biggest investments of your life, treat it that way and it will pay off. Make sure to visit and revisit the comparable properties that have sold. Tour comparable properties in your area, see the competition, question why are these homes sitting on market? Then start to decide on a pricing plan.

My hope is these brief hints will help you in your future sale! More questions, feel free to call or email me anytime 🙂

Have a wonderful day!


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