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Deep Thoughts on My Career as a Real Estate Agent

By Lauren Dahl, November 8, 2018

I’ve had my ups and downs with real estate.

I first got my license on a whim in 2009 after getting myself fired from a job that I hated. It was the middle of the housing crisis, and short sales and foreclosures were my jam. I was almost exclusively a listing agent. I knocked on doors. I called expired listings. I bugged for-sale-by-owners. I experienced lots of rejection. But eventually, my efforts paid off.

I went into meth houses and other seriously dangerous places at the request of my clients.  I dealt with extremely difficult properties (and owners) that never sold but gave me a crash course in everything that can (and will) possibly go wrong in real estate. I loved it. I hated it. It was a job.

Over the next few years, I would represent clients on everything from a $135k fixer-upper to a 14-unit apartment building. I stayed in the industry when many were leaving because I didn’t really know any different. I hadn’t been through a “good” real estate market, so the extremely “bad” one that I found myself felt like another day to me.

Fast forward three babies, a move to a new state and a several-years-long break in my real estate career, and I found myself with the itch again. Of course, it would require getting relicensed in a new state, figuring out childcare for two preschool-aged kids and an infant and starting my business again from scratch. I was in the for the challenge. 

Now, my kids are a constant presence in my real estate career – they look at listings with me, attend inspections, sit through boring open houses and pick up/drop off keys. And my clients know that I will always be there for them – even if that means showing up in overalls and paint on my face. It’s been hard, and I haven’t loved every second. But I recently had an epiphany after closing a particularly contentious transaction.

And that is…




It’s great when transactions are easy, and everyone’s happy, you know? But it’s almost even better when things start going downhill FAST, and you are able to save the day with some creative problem solving and effective communication. And it just so happens that I make some great friends through it all.

And it really doesn’t get much better than that. 

Lauren Dahl

Earth Advantage Principal Broker & ADU Specialist

Lauren Dahl moved to SW Portland from the Utah desert in 2014 with her rock-climbing husband, three young children and two cats. A self-confessed pluviophile, Lauren loves the frequent rain, tall trees, vibrant culture and clean air that Portland embodies. Prior to her time in Utah, Lauren grew up in south Alabama and also spent several years in Aspen and Denver, CO. Lauren began her real estate career in 2009 and quickly ramped up to being one of her former brokerage’s top agents. She was named a finalist for the sought-after Rookie of the Year award by the Salt Lake Board of Realtors and also became part-owner and landlord of dozens of rental units ranging from single-family homes to a 15-unit apartment building (all of which she served as the selling agent). When it comes to working with home buyers, Lauren is a visionary who understands that the perfect home is more than just a checklist of features. Whether it’s abundant natural light, a tree-covered landscape, an open floor plan or or a minimalist, modern design, Lauren works tirelessly to find homes that complement her buyers’ lifestyles both now and for many years to come. She spends a great deal of time getting to know her clients as well as previewing homes to make the process more efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved. To the benefit of her sellers, Lauren possesses a unique combination of marketing ability, attention to detail and a love for numbers. She is committed to providing her sellers with up-to-the-minute, comprehensive data so she can further assist them in making pricing and timing decisions. She then puts on her marketing hat to get as many qualified buyers through her listings as possible. Finally, she uses her keen negotiation and communication skills to ensure a smooth transaction right up until closing. Lauren also finds great joy in assisting real estate investors (and aspiring investors!) in pursuing buy-and-hold and renovate/resell (flipping) properties. From the first-time homebuyer looking to maximize her return by purchasing an owner-occupied, four-/tri-/duplex to the seasoned investor looking to fund multiple short-term projects, Lauren has the tenacity and skill to make profitable deals happen. In addition to her experience in real estate, Lauren holds a master’s degree in advertising management from the University of Denver and a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Alabama in mass communication. An accomplished sewist and knitter, Lauren also makes most of her (and her children’s) clothes. She teaches online sewing pattern drafting courses, designs sewing patterns and was a Janome sewing machines ambassador for two years before transitioning back into real estate. Catch up with Lauren on her Portland real estate blog and website, You can also tune into her YouTube Channel by clicking here.
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Lauren Dahl

Earth Advantage Principal Broker & ADU Specialist

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