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Fish gotta swim, Mom’s gotta live in the ADU

By Aaron Hartman, January 17, 2020

The house hunt gets interesting when it’s all about mom.

It’s very sweet to watch an adult looking for a viable place for an aging parent to live. As a broker, you get the sense of cradling that feels different, protective. The investment angle might be in the background, but the heart of the matter is is wholly different. 

We saw so many houses with ADUs and the dreaded ADU “potential”. They would look at some stairs or a low ceiling or do a foot stomping test upstairs or do any other number of things, making sure mom would be OK. 

She just needed a safe, clean tidy place she could call her own. When my clients and I stubbed upon “the one” it was clear.


Mom’s happy, we’re all happy.

Aaron Hartman



Aaron Hartman is a long-time Portlander with a deep understanding of the neighborhoods and architecture that make this town such a special place to live. Whether he's helping you locate your dream house or helping you sell the one you already own, Aaron's knowledge, energy and laser-like attention to detail will make your real estate process make sense. Aaron has been involved in the Northwest independent music community for nearly two decades. He has traveled all over the place and always looks forward to coming home to the best city to live in Portland, Oregon.
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