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From A to Zymoglyphic

By Living Room Realty, June 6, 2018

As if the all wondrous oddities and creative chimeras in the area fell as rain upon the slopes of Mt. Tabor and pooled just to the north, you’ll find the Zymoglyphic Museum, a repository of cultural heritage of the Zymoglyphic Region. At this point, you might ask yourself what is the Zymolgyphic Region? I did. And the answers I found were, at best, unhelpful. But that’s what the museum is for after all, to shed light upon this shaded inquiry. Or to quote the Musuem’s website, Zymoglyphic means:

“1. Of, or pertaining to, images of fermentation, specifically the solid residue of creative fermentation on natural objects
2. The collection and arrangement of objects, primarily either natural or weathered by natural forces, for poetic effect”

Does that answer your questions? Nor did it answer mine.

The museum houses a collection of what might be described as a curious admixture of unlikely blends in artificialia and naturalia; an unorthodox fusion of the wonders of man and nature; a panoply of whimsy and capricious wonderment.  A feast for the eyes and a flight for the mind.

Or, just go see it. And try to put it into words yourself. It’s not as easy as you’d think.


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