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Give the Man his Pool!

By Yonette Fine, June 29, 2018

When your buyer comes to you after surviving brain surgery, and asks for a home with greenery and a pool, you give the Man his Pool!

Actually, this tale begins in the Fall of 2016 , when my sellers (at that time) were approached by a couple eager to purchase their Sabin home. We danced the dance, and these eager buyers backed out 2 weeks prior to closing.

It “unwound” two transactions, breaking many hearts. During the “recovery” phase, we all licked our wounds, went on with our lives, grew our respective businesses, and one of us was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

After John’s successful surgery to “86 Oscar” (yes, they named the tumor!), and a solid few weeks of recovery (this is a man of action), they were ready to pick-up where we left off in 2016. John said, “I realize now, that I want green around me, and, Yo, I want a pool.”

My reply, as always with John, was “give the Man a Pool!”. 2018 was good to us. We were able to bring them closer to family, greenery and a pool.

I am grateful to John & Renee for trusting me to guide them to a wonderful outcome and home. Their neighbors are lucky to have THE coolest, most loving, dynamic duo in Portland!


Congratulations My Dear John & Renee!

Yonette “Yo” Fine

Your Enthusiastic Advocate

Yonette Fine


Yonette Fine is a licensed realtor in Oregon who approaches the industry with her energetic personality and enthusiasm for life, people and real estate. Yonette draws anyone she meets right into her world! She hails from the San Francisco Bay Area where she was graduated with a degree in Broadcast Communication Arts. In 1995, after a short stint in radio, she decided to use her powers for good instead of evil and join her husband at their newly formed graphic design firm as VP of Client Services. Twenty-Five years later, that firm is still producing excellent creative and branding work which has allowed her to follow her passion in real estate. When not delivering outstanding client service, you can find her in one of four places: on the soccer pitch with her husband and three kids, chatting with a neighbor in Willamette Heights, in the Columbia Gorge at her winery, Cerulean, or in Paris, France. Find out more about me on my website.
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