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Hot to Trot

By James Peterson, June 13, 2019

Or gallop. Or canter. Or even walk really.

No matter the gait, the journey is great. Well worth the wait. Don’t you be late.

‘Twill elevate your heart-rate. Concentrate, while you perambulate.


They’ve been apart of our lives for about 6000 years since we began domesticating wild breeds. They’ve been integral to the advancement of our own species for millennia. Only in the last century or more have widespread equine partnerships diminished as we sought to increase our horsepower through mechanical avenues. Our hoofed companions now occupying a much smaller niche of practicality; their novelty and draw now less utilitarian and more recreational.

We owe our own American Westward expansion and exploration to these majestic beasts. How fondly do we look upon the Golden Age of the West, steeped in horse-drawn imagery:  cowboys galloping across the plains and plateaus; stage coaches speeding through canyons; hunters on saddle stalking the great grass leviathans; hitching posts and horse-rails in every town and outpost. Even still do we have hitching loops imbedded in our city streets as a reminder of our dependence on horses.

The quilt of the American experience is stitched together by horses. (Not literally. Hooves are no good at fine needle-work.) And so the onus is on us to honor these beasts of burden. To celebrate them with use and care and, sure, an apple or cube of sugar sometimes. You don’t need opposable digits to enjoy and deserve a treat. Commune yourself with the equine community at Highland Stables.


James Peterson

Broker Licensed in OR & WA

As a licensed real estate broker, James Peterson is passionate about connecting clients with the home that fits their needs, lifestyle and personality. James recognizes the uniqueness of the greater Portland market; its diverse neighborhoods, each with their own vibes and quirks, makes finding the ideal property for a client an exciting and rewarding challenge. James has a true passion for this vibrant city—its people, spaces, architecture, and communities. Combined with his love of design, attention to detail, and creative use of spaces, this passion allows him to bring joy to clients’ lives through real estate. James is also motivated by the nuances of the delicate art of negotiation, the hunt for the right property, and the thrill of closing a deal that satisfies both buyers and sellers. He has chosen to be a part of Living Room Realty, a Certified B Corporation, because it reflects his own values of responsibility and sustainability by offering a positive vision of a better way to do business. His philosophy of excellence, enthusiasm, honesty and reliability, unites with his tireless drive to make him a truly dedicated real estate broker. James’ work philosophy has been broadened by his experience as a volunteer fire fighter, EMT, family grief counselor, ICU nurse, and anesthesia provider. Additionally, as the owner of JP Investment Properties LLC, James is experienced in the building and design aspect of the real estate market through construction and project management, home remodeling, and bringing investors and builders together on projects. A devoted family man, James has used this experience to renovate his own family dwelling through home remodeling and the addition of an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) designed to enhance the space in which his family lives, works, and plays. James understands that finding time for play is, of course, an essential part of life. He is an outdoor enthusiast and reenergizes through backpacking and mountaineering; road, cyclocross, and mountain biking; snowboarding; and scuba diving. He also satisfies his creative urge through landscape design and gardening as well as craft brewing. For James, life is about finding balance, discovering harmony, and seeking joy amidst the many demands of modern society. It is this same balance, harmony, and joy that he strives to foster in the lives of his clients.
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