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How to Search for Home in a Pandemic

By Sophie Ragsdale, August 10, 2020

When I first met Guy and Limor they were one month into their new Pacific NW life (via Israel, no less!) and 100% determined to live within walking distance to both the 23rd Ave shopping district and Forest Park. The only problem was there were NO homes for sale that met this search criteria.

The question, then, was what do you do in a Pandemic when demand is high, inventory low, your clients have just moved to America, and they need a new home ASAP? Answer: You kind of do everything. You send letters to Off Market homeowners, you look at homes that are too small, or not updated, and call in contractors to find out expansion/renovation costs, you work 24/7 until, together with your very cool and very game clients, you find that perfect home. And find it, we did!

This 1978 home with vaulted ceilings and an open kitchen is not quite walking distance to NW 23rd Ave. or Forest Park, but the kids can walk to school (when it starts) and there is a forest in their backyard. The layout lends itself perfectly for their needs, to play, to work, and to live out their dream.

Sophie Ragsdale

Broker | Earth Advantage | ADU Specialist


Sophie delivers thoughtful strategy and a deep knowledge of the Portland Metropolitan market. If you are a first-time homebuyer, Sophie will be there every step of the way, educating you on the home buying process and, most importantly, crafting you a winning offer. If home buying and selling is old hat, she is an excellent collaborator, intrepid seeker of creative solutions, replete with information and resources, and constant calm in a given storm. Sophie uses both intuition and intelligence to skillfully negotiate any transaction to an effective end. She gets her clients what they need. Born and raised in Portland, Sophie is a 5th generation Oregonian with a lifelong passion for real estate. She loves the unique challenge of every transaction and the relationships she makes along the way. After graduating from Vassar College in NY State, she found herself enjoying the hustle of life in Brooklyn where she lived and worked for over a decade. In addition to real estate, Sophie has worked in journalism and as a social worker, specializing in assisting older adults in housing crisis. Sophie’s experience in person-centered services prepared her to provide clients with a grounded space during the potentially wild ride of home buying and selling. She supports her clients in seeing the big picture while staying focused on the task at hand. Her ability to think creatively gives her an advantage, whether it be problem-solving during the negotiation process or marketing a property for sale. But she's no pushover. Her two years in Brooklyn and Manhattan real estate at the Corcoran Group were especially formative in honing her transaction skills. Sophie is the perfect balance of East Coast determination and West Coast chill, with a huge appreciation for the significance of Home. The time will come when, with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror and each will smile at the other's welcome - Derek Walcott
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