Blog Bungalow Just Sold near Peninsula Park! Yay for my first-time home buyers!

Just Sold near Peninsula Park! Yay for my first-time home buyers!

By Living Room Realty, September 8, 2023

Congratulations to my clients!

As you may already know, my business is referral based and I love meeting new people. So you can imagine how happy I was when a past client recommended Jane and their partner to me. It was such a joy getting to know them on their house hunt!

Here’s a little rundown of how it went.

We started with a buyer consultation and spent an hour going over the process in general. That’s the best way to get started, going over the current market and setting expectations for everyone. That’s when I ask the most questions about what my clients are looking for and we set the pace for the house hunt.


We saw multiple houses every week in various neighborhoods for many weeks until we narrowed it down and found the area that felt like home. The house they chose checked a lot of boxes, it was the perfect size in a great location and it had more than one bathroom plus a garage (bonus!). We saw the house 3 times just to be sure and then successfully got the offer accepted! They did a great job of getting financially ready, approved by a reputable lender, and had all their ducks in a row in that arena. (That truly is the first step!)


As we went through the inspection contingency period, I really liked that Jane and her partner asked a lot of questions along the way. One thing that people don’t always lean into when buying a house is making time to dive into research and ask all of the questions, even the dumb ones (and there are no dumb ones). Carving out time for this is so helpful because it’s the meat and potatoes of the whole deal. I’m here to advise and guide you along, but there is a lot to digest and having the time for those conversations and follow-up questions will always feel good.

Here is a general overview of the inspection contingency period. I will advise you while you look over the permit history, have the sewer scoped, the home tested for radon, the property searched for underground storage tanks, plus have a whole property general inspection as well. And that’s not always all, there are more investigations sometimes. It’s a lot and it’s awesome! Because after all of that, clients have a much better understanding of the home with all of its pros and cons.


So in this case, some things did come up in the investigations and we negotiated a credit and a price reduction. A couple of weeks later we had fun at the signing and a few days later we wrapped it all in a bow and I gave them keys.


Please reach out if you’re interested in talking about buying or selling a home. I’m always here for a check-in about the current market, lender recommendations or anything I can do to help advocate for your homeownership.



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