Blog Stories Last Weekend I Got Married....

Last Weekend I Got Married….

By Living Room Realty, August 20, 2021


One of the most endearing things about our wedding were the number of friends whom attended that had started as past clients and morphed to close friends.  I have been lucky enough to have folks that I have helped over the years stay in my life. It’s pure magic.  It’s much of the reason I like my job so much, it helps me find buddies. I want to share of of my dearest friends wedding toast which is a tribute to how old homes connect us.   Mark Halpern and Noelle Crombie happened to have trusted me 20+ years ago with their old home. Here we are, years later, celebrating life transitions and LOVE. They will tell you I still give advice and help with their house projects; which was why at I at was at their house this morning. Now to Mark’s toast:


For Tracy houses have bones. Wood, color, light and space. They breathe. Their history, their story is her passion. It is no coincidence that my friendship with Tracy started with a house: the house my wife Noelle and I bought, our first house. The home where we are raising our

daughters is imbued with the spirit of the Dau. Lights, colors, the attention to period detail, all gifts from Tracy – from the spirit of one of the most loyal, generous, and kind people we have ever known. Her giving is boundless. All you have to do is drive around inner Southeast. Look for

the colors, her colors, her palette, on the houses, her homemade chairs on the porches. Little bits of Tracy — of beauty — left for others to take in and enjoy.

What an honor it is then for me to give something back to her in this toast. How touched I was when she asked me to speak. Last fall when she asked if I could

help with Liv’s college essay, I tripped over myself rushing to the computer to help Olivia. And of course what a delight to see her mother’s values reflected in

her essay: She told the story of Johnny, a friend who was down on his luck. Tracy took Johnny in. She provided the thing we all take for granted: a home. And her delicious pies, of course.

The essay beautifully told the story of Johnny’s effect on Liv and likewise her effect on Johnny. But it was also a testament to that most difficult and rewarding

job that Tracy has done with such grace: mothering. Mothering while attending to the passion of her work. She is a hero.

So let us lift our glasses to toast my dear friend, Tracy, and her wonderful husband Darren.

While we know your home will be beautiful, let it also be filled with kindness, grace and joy. May your marriage, like your home, have good bones. Tracy, we all love you. Good luck on this next adventure.


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