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“Let the right one in”

By Jessica LeDoux, December 14, 2019

Kathleen and Sarah knew they would find their new Portland home… eventually. With time on their side, their plan was to avoid urgency and to hit the ground running come spring. But when a spectacular, completely remodeled Craftsman popped up in a great up-and-coming neighborhood, they knew this one was worth jumping into the market for. Everything about the home was lovingly cared for and updated, complete with a fully finished basement, and aesthetically, it felt like theirs. To put it simply, they knew this was, “the one.” As is often the case with gorgeous houses, the competition was fierce, but they were right – they put their best foot forward, and they can now call this beautiful space, home. Congratulations Kathleen and Sarah – here’s to following your gut!

Jessica LeDoux


JESSICA LEDOUX Licensed Broker Market Eagle Eye Jessica is a Northeast Portland Native. She has been a Realtor since 2006, helping fulfill clients’ homeownership dreams with eyes wide open. In 2012, Jessica found herself searching for better balance between her career and family. That’s when she joined the team. Like Cain from Kung Fu, Jessica wandered… looking for others like her. Then she found Karim, who she considers to be the Chuck Norris of Real Estate. Jessica’s commitment to helping clients is matched only by her commitment to her family. She provides an honest, straight-forward approach to real estate. With years of experience in Portland’s highly competitive market, Jessica has built a reputation of candid, direct advocacy.
KARIM ALAEDDINE Licensed Principal Broker Real Estate Life Coach I grew up in Portland, working in my family’s restaurant (About Karim — Portland’s first Lebanese restaurant). Since 2006, I’ve sold old Portland manors and brilliant Belmont condos, modern memory makers and third generation family heirlooms, and have represented nervous and excited first time buyers, community builders, multi unit investors and others; always seeking to fulfill on my commitment to be of maximum service in the realm of real estate. This real estate business is built on a background in home remodeling, historic home restoration, small business ownership and rental property investment. I am very grateful to do the work that I do.
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