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Ma, Pa, & the Bear Cubs Buy a Bungalow

By Living Room Realty, March 3, 2020

I try really hard to come up with something better to say then “holy shit, I am so thankful,” but I really can’t get over it. I AM SO THANKFUL. Maybe I should say something a little more g rated like “holy guacamole” but I just don’t feel like it gets the point across. I WANT TO SCREAM IT TO THE WORLD, I HAVE THE BEST DAMN CLIENTS!

This one’s a victory post for Rachel, Max, and their bear cubs.

We connected through my wonderful B corp of a brokerage, Living Room Realty, and if you ask me things really clicked from the first call I had with Rachel. Talk about match making! When I finally met her and Max in person for the first time I left thinking, “okay, how can I get them to become my friends once we’re finished with this process?” Some people just bring you joy. They are nature lovers, animal lovers, Max sends the best gifs, and I try not to focus on appearance but Rachel is top of the line stylish cool. But there’s more! They knew what they wanted and they did what they needed to do to get it for themselves! Hard working dream team.

I always say as a REALTOR® my job is to teach my buyers what to do to get their offers accepted and their job is to decide their limits- what are they willing to do? I give the advice, they decide if they feel comfortable going with it.

They were ready to go all in. We offered a great price and a beautiful little charcuterie board of terms to spruce things up. We knew we were up against a high price cash offer so together we focused, dialed it in, and kapow, got them the house that gives them the heebie jeebies AND we did it with a loan.

So many buyers fear the competing cash offer but in the end, most sellers are going for a combo of the highest price and the best terms. With mortgages closing as quickly as 30 days and with the right offerings, it is so possible. Don’t be scared, just find your comfortable limits and DELIVER so swiftly. Stand out, like Rachel & Max. You can do it too!

Here are some terms you can play with as a buyer: sale price, earnest money, repair details, appraisal details, disclosure details, closing timelines, and possession. If you are unsure of how to compete in this market give me a ring.

Living Room Realty

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