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My Crossfit Crush

By Living Room Realty, February 6, 2018

I have a crush on CrossFit!

I never thought I would be the girl to say that as I only imagined CrossFit was for young, hot and of course already athletically ripped people..mostly men to be exact. My narrow tunnel vision of CrossFit did not even put it on my radar of things to try. Now, mind you, I have a few trips around the sun under my belt and have made many attempts at all kinds of different workouts to see what made sense. I found myself not feeling like anything was the right fit.  Big box gyms are just so BIG. I really wanted a personal training atmosphere but near my house in North Portland. Every decent option seems to be across town or downtown. Until a few months ago.

Late 2017,  at a client’s housewarming for their new beautiful home that I met Anton Fero, owner of CrossFit Blue House.  Anton, along with his wife and adorable daughters, and I struck up a nice conversation. The Fero’s had recently moved to Portland and process of renovating a building to open up a CrossFit space in North Portland, which they had be running out of their home garage.  Anton’s energy and excitement for CrossFit is intoxicating.  He graciously described how the programs are scaled for every person based on their ability.  He promised me that there were people older (and less in shape than myself) that he has personally seen the transformation of, that attended his CrossFit gym. Anton generously offered me a trial class so I could see what it was all about.

Just a few weeks after the opening of the new CrossFit Blue House building I went in. Desperately ready to gain strength and tone up, I thought for sure I would be out of my league. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Talk about fun, different and challenging.  I have continued to go to CrossFit Blue House ever since. Trainer Brian Loveland is probably the nicest, most patient and knowledgeable trainer. His calm demeanor, witty humor, combined with ability to patiently show you, as well as help you with every move through scalings the proper way. That style is right up my alley. I NEED someone who is patient at 5:30am!

Never in my wildest mind did I think I would be doing power snatches, start working on my handstand push up, or split jerks…but I am. I may whine through it, but I am doing it. I feel great everyday that I go and can see my small but incremental performance gains.

Doing deadlifts
Assault bike, handstand push ups and deadlift during open gym


CrossFit Blue house offers a variety of classes. They include CrossFit kids, vitality (for the extreme beginners and those wanting a slower individualized workout), olympic lifting, open gym times to practice all your moves, and general participation class.

For more information about CrossFit Blue house or to obtain a free class, please visit their website at


Come join me for a workout and maybe you develop a crush on CrossFit as well!



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