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New Year, New You: 5 East Portland Spots to Get Your Pamper On

By Steve Brian, December 16, 2021

Every new year roughly 45% of Americans make a resolution around the vague category of wellness. For some, maybe it’s signing up for a gym membership, eating healthier, or focusing on mental health. While we are not here to shame those who get gym memberships and promptly forget about them (guilty!) or those who choose a new diet and find that their cheat days are actually four days a week, we are here to encourage some good feelings going into the new year. Taking an hour each week to reset can help create more balance in your life. Maybe that’s through reading that book you’ve been dying to read, taking baths and watching Netflix, or just staring at a wall and enjoying some silence. You’ll find that your mood is generally improved, even if just for the short term. Deliberately setting aside some time for yourself each week creates a routine. Maybe your new routine can include supporting local service vendors and getting your pamper on in the meantime. 


Today we present “5 East Portland Spots To Get Your Pamper On”


New Year, New Do!

Lovings Gallery East

626 NE 102nd Ave. 

Sometimes you just need a new hairstyle to get the year kicked off! Maybe now is the time to get that pixie cut you’ve been dreaming about or get that exciting new color you’ve been obsessing over on Instagram. 



Cute Cuticles! 

Portland Beauty Care

1414 NE 122nd Ave.

Cuticles have no gender stereotypes. Your hands are one of the most used parts of your body, and with all the handwashing and hand sanitizer that we’ve been using the last few years, your hands deserve some TLC! 



Get Your Discs in a Row

Infinite Vitality Chiropractic

13150 NE Halsey St.

No need to go into the new year with old pain! Improve your quality of life with some chiropractic and get those disks in order! New year, a new range of movement!



All You Knead is Kit

Kit Knowles LMT

10552 NE Glisan St.

Follow up some of that chiropractic session in a moment of zen with a deep tissue or Swedish massage. No reason for your muscles to tense after a good snap, crackle, pop session. 



via Dharma Rain Zen Center website

Mindful Moments

Dharma Rain Zen Center

8500 NE Siskiyou St.

Pick up a few Zazen meditation and reflection tips to help you tackle next year’s stressors. 

Steve Brian

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Steve has made his career based on the concept that “service comes first.” He has helped clients buy and sell homes on both sides of the river and has a strong understanding of what it takes to negotiate in a way that allows his clients to feel that their best interests are always at the forefront of the negotiation table. He has worked with first time buyers, upsizers, downsizers and investors alike, priding himself on being able to provide well-informed advice based on the current market and leaving the final decisions up to his clients! After moving to Portland in 2002, Steve bounced around different neighborhoods on the Eastside of Portland and grew a love for straight shots of espresso. He has now planted roots with his family in the Terra Linda neighborhood of NW Portland and is a sucker for a delicious beer on a hot, summer day from one of the many local breweries in Portland. When he’s not wearing his “Steve the REALTOR®” hat, he likes to spend time with his wife and two boys, taking trips to OMSI, The Zoo, or just putting on some mud boots and finding trails to explore. "Service Comes First!"
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