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Queer Representation and Why it Matters

By Río Palomares, August 30, 2022

Queer Representation and Why it Matters

A multitude of identities exist in this world; I should know — being a queer, non-binary, & transmasculine person of color myself. I am so grateful to live in a city like Portland where these attributes tend to be typically embraced and honored. Partaking in queer commerce comes naturally to me in both my personal and work life. As a licensed broker, I aspire to represent individuals of any and all marginalized communities; especially those that identify on the queer spectrum.

This is why queer representation matters. Being able to guide those who live similar lives and ultimately being in community with one another. We see each other in more ways than one; a deep understanding that transcends words even. I cannot begin to describe the deep bond my queer clients and I share in their homebuying journeys. Knowing I have their trust as not only their real estate agent but as their queer confidant means the world to me. I am grateful to have had many recent experiences with fellow queer people who saw a bit of themselves in me. How harmonious it is to not only guide them in one of the biggest investments of their lives but to also contribute to creating a safe sanctuary; especially in a system that wasn’t initially meant for us to succeed in.

My name is Río Palomares. I am your proud, queer realtor. Let’s make community together!

Río Palomares

Broker | OR


Río is a queer/non-binary/transmasc BIPOC real estate agent and uses they/them pronouns. Welcome to inclusive real estate. My business is primarily focused on helping all marginalized communities who have struggled and/or continue to struggle in systemic oppression -- especially within the world of real estate. Coming from a huge part of these communities as well,  I vow to represent and advocate for you to the best of my ability. Let's help you build generational wealth and plant your roots here! Originally from Southern California, Río immediately felt at home in Portland after landing in the St. Johns neighborhood in 2016. Between the lush landscapes, phenomenal food, and friendly residents, it didn’t take long for them to fall in love with the city. After working in the service industry for over a decade, real estate became a natural next step in Río’s career. They are fiercely empathetic and their good sense of humor becomes apparent within minutes of chatting with them. Through their previous experience as a barber, barista, and bartender (just to name a few), Río has come to highly value building and maintaining a relationship with each and every one of their clients. In their free time, Río can often be found snuggled up on the couch with their cats, playing video games or enjoying a classic horror movie marathon. They have a genuine appreciation for Portland’s ever-changing seasons, taking them in while driving through the countryside or walking through one of Portland’s many gorgeous parks. Río is meticulous when it comes to the details. Whether you’re looking for a groovy, wood panelled Mid-Century Modern or a hauntingly beautiful Victorian, they are determined to make your vision a reality. With dreams of one day becoming a homeowner themself, Río can truly empathize with those who have similar goals. They are here to take the stress out of home buying and make this fun, exciting journey a breeze for you!
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