Blog Stories Resilience in the time of COVID-19

Resilience in the time of COVID-19

By Natalie Strom, April 3, 2020

Buying a new home and moving is almost never an easy and smooth transition. Add to it a house fire, temporary housing, a global pandemic, and maintaining your position as front line healthcare workers, suddenly the buying and moving process becomes next level.

Saskia and Frank are local physicians with two school-aged kids. Last fall, a devastating house fire started in the garage and caused a massive upheaval in their lives. Fortunately no one was hurt, but many items had smoke damage and had to be tossed. Uprooting the lives of four people, a new puppy and two cats into a small temporary townhouse was no easy feat. It was then that the family started to think about moving into a home that just required a little less maintenance and a little less attention. Something a little newer, still stylish, still focused on community, private, near friends and close to town. They found the perfect house and all seemed as if the worst was behind them.

Then came COVID-19. Frank, an ER doctor, maintained his calm and collected self to bring attention to those patients being triaged by the epidemic. This was starting to get very real.

Saskia, a psychiatrist, cares for those who may not cope well in the best of times. Suddenly, Saskia is found caring for those who are faced with the worst of times.

As the epidemic turned and grew into what we now know as a global pandemic, things like appointments, repairs, moving trucks and banking all turn out to be much, much, more complicated. Add to that kids at home full time, homeschool demands, mounting work demands, even the simplest tasks become an uphill battle.

Amidst it all, Saskia and Frank managed to get all the way to closing day, displaying remarkable resilience, determination, and pure grit. They showed us all how to get it done, overcoming every obstacle with pure grace and even humor. They are true heroes.


~Natalie Strom, Living Room Realty

Here they are on closing day with the VP of operations at WFG who was required to be their closing officer, complete with requirements to bring their own masks, pens and gloves.

Natalie Strom

Earth Advantage Broker + ADU Specialist

Nature Enthusiast. Real Estate Buff. Knitter of sweaters. Natalie approaches real estate with radical caring. Buying or selling a home is perhaps the largest transaction her clients will face, and Natalie gets it. Honest, energetic, versatile, reliable and thorough, Natalie’s instincts when it comes to real estate make her not only easy to work with, but extremely valuable when it comes to getting things done. A passion for the natural world is a cornerstone: as a former marine biologist with a specialty in mapping, research, and habitats of seabirds upon devastating effects from oil spills, Natalie now enjoys the great outdoors through her enthusiasm for hiking, backpacking, bicycling, and running. Slowing down on occasion, you might find her identifying plants, mushroom hunting or knitting sweaters. These passions become relevant in real estate when it comes to advocating for smart local development and preservation of natural areas within the City. Being an Earth Advantage Broker since 2018 means ongoing training in green building practices, keeping pace with changes in this area.
Natalie’s ongoing and thorough research in Portland’s shifting real estate market offers her clients the advantage of information in real-time conditions. Her experience in overseeing construction of an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) on her own property offers her a keen sense of what a good building looks and feels like, as well as what potential may lie in an older home in need of some fixing up. She has years of experience in owning investment properties in the Portland area and offers her clients a great referral base for repairs as well as solid understanding of the bottom line when it comes to buying or selling their own primary residence or investment property. With a solid history of handling a variety of sales with confidence, flexibility, rapid communication and skilled negotiation, she is the Realtor you will want by your side.
Natalie is loved by her large locally-based family, two school-aged boys, public school teacher husband Justin, and Tucker, the family golden doodle.
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