Blog Stories The Importance Of Advocacy (or... "Who Ya Got In Your Corner?")

The Importance Of Advocacy (or… “Who Ya Got In Your Corner?”)

By Chad Meier, December 30, 2019

When vetting any type of professional to help me with a goal, I typically focus on their demonstrable strategies for helping clients succeed in the most ideal manner possible, rather than just asking “How long have you been practicing?” or “How much business did you transact last year?”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ After all, the fact that Applebee’s does more business than El Gaucho, certainly doesn’t mean they know how to prepare the better steak dinner!

It’s probably safe to say that just about everybody knows someone who’s been “doing real estate” forever. However, finding out if that someone expends the capital necessary to truly support their client’s goals could be just as important to know as whether they’ve been in the biz for 50 years (or whether they simply dip their toes in the water as an occasional side-hustle)!

More key questions…

  • Do they understand how to utilize analytics and social media targeting to advertise a listing to its most interested audience?
  • Can they skillfully guide a buyer or seller thru all of the boilerplate and potential pitfalls (aka “contingencies”) contained within the typical purchase and sale agreement?
  • Are they adept negotiators with a track record of helping their clients get what they want?
  • Do they personally handle their transactions, or do they hand off much of their workload to junior team members & assistants?
  • Do they consider the latest and greatest smartphone to be up to the task of capturing media for their property listings? [Here’s a hint: it’s not!]
  • Has their playbook been updated within the past few years (because there has been much change in the marketplace since the spring of 2016)!?!
  • Will they make the process a fun and rewarding experience, and will their clients continue to feel that reward 5 (or 25) years down the line?
  • And finally, does their code of ethics follow a model of client advocacy 💯percent of the time, or would it be more accurate to describe the representation they offer as being somewhat “limited” in its scope?

So why does all of this matter? Because you want somebody who’s not only qualified, but whose number #1 focus is on helping you win. This is my mission and I’d love to help you too!

Pictured is a snapshot of my recent business activity (with every client assisted by me personally). Now taking calls for 1st quarter of 2020.

Cheers to a happy new year my friends!

Chad Meier

Chad Meier

Licensed Oregon Broker

Hello, I’m Chad: Licensed Real Estate Broker, native Oregonian, photography aficionado, lover of old houses, friend to all animals, and powered by analytical data. As a member of the National, Oregon and Portland Metropolitan Associations of Realtors, I'm proud that my profession allows me to use the tools I've acquired over the past 20+ years (client advocacy, sales & marketing, conflict resolution, et al.) to help people on a daily basis. Bottom line… I love the work! Through personal experience, I understand that buying or selling a home is more than just a business transaction; In fact, it can often be a life changing event! This is why I’m dedicated to providing exceptional service for my clients when it’s time for them to make their move. On the listing side; I believe that every home, no matter how modest or grand, deserves to make the best possible first impression on a would-be buyer. This is why I’m aligned with our area's preeminent independent real estate brokerage (Living Room Realty) to offer every property the most compelling & relevant marketing available. It also means that I’ll never represent your home online with a smartphone picture ;^) On the buying side; I personally work with every client - no handing you off to a junior team member of a team - to ensure that we work toward your goals together and don’t fall prey to some of the pitfalls that buyers can face in today's heavily weighted market. In short, I can help you win! Above all else, I pledge to be a strong advocate for my client’s interests and promise to work relentlessly to help them achieve their real estate goals. After all, I believe that if you’re not left with an amazing experience, I haven’t done my job. Speaking personally, I’ve been connected to this great city and its surrounding areas since childhood. Most recently, my family (wife Shawn, son Jakob, mother Glenna, and mutts Juno & Dizzy) have lived in the vibrant Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood for the past 14 years. When not at my desk or in the field helping clients, you’ll likely find me trying to capture a compelling scene behind my camera lens, playing basketball wherever I can find a pickup game, or combining these two passions by photographing my son’s high school basketball team in action (GO WARRIORS!). And on occasion, you may even find me at any number of our city's finer dining establishments, searching high and low for a bartender who knows the recipe for a perfect Roman Holiday ;^) Whether you have a plan to buy or sell (or simply need to develop one), please feel free to contact me. I look forward to understanding your goals and helping you achieve them! I can be reached at 503-709-9600 -or-
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  • T: 503-709-9600
  • F: 503-961-8224

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