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The Unicorn

By Living Room Realty, October 23, 2018

Casey and Joe have been dear friends of mine for a couple of years, and when it came time to find a new home for their growing family, I was thrilled to help.

Joe is a teacher and had the summer off, so we exhausted ALL the options. We considered fixers, new construction, flips, small yards, huge yards, low price, high price, Northeast, Southeast… we were on the hunt for the unicorn. The home that had all the criteria they needed, with that special quality you can’t quite put your finger on. The unicorn.

We didn’t find it this summer. Fast-forward a couple of months, after end of summer vacations, and school years started, and we resumed our search. This time, we new there were only a couple of weeks to make this happen, otherwise we’d hold off until 2019. Joe and Casey loaded up their two littles, and we headed out on a Saturday tour, exhausting the inventory. We mostly looked at homes that they had on their list to see, but I added in a few surprises. The last home on the tour was my sleeper home. It was the one that I had a really good feeling about, but wasn’t quite sure it would be as good as advertised. We all walked in, and I immediately got chills. Joe and Casey went silent as the kids ran around the house and outside to the incredible backyard. It was the one. It was the unicorn.

Congratulations, my friends!

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