By Sarah Grumbling, February 1, 2020

Congratulations to my client on the sale of his sweet condo up in the SW Hills! We met last summer after I sold another unit in the complex, and given that there was a hefty special assessment in the works (which makes selling condos a little trickier than normal), he was impressed to see a successful sale go through.  I could feel his trust from the get-go and the foundation for an excellent client-agent relationship was made.

We listed the condo in the summer but due to the slowing condo market, showings were sparse and eventually decided to pull it off the market and wait until the following Spring.

But in the meantime, Fall came around and with the shifting market, new energy for selling.  We did a small price adjustment, updated the marketing and went back on the market just days before Thanksgiving. In just over two weeks my client’s condo was pending with three offers, all over asking! Just goes to show, really ANY time of year is a good time to sell — not just spring and summer.  AND when the time is right, it’s RIGHT (even if it may not logically make sense.)

In that time just before Thanksgiving, I also found myself with a deep intuition to plan a long awaited trip (10 years in the making) to visit India for the first time in January 2020.  I was very hesitant at first, as leaving the country with business in the works can be a little scary, but with the help of my fantastic colleague, Scott Shoji, I was able to turn over the transaction to him and prepare to leave knowing my client would be in great hands.  While there was an exciting Christmas Eve “bump” in the road (Buyer #1 decided to back out with some first time homebuyer jitters), Buyer #2 was thrilled and we got the second round of transaction-action underway! On December 31st, as I began my journey towards India, I turned over my condo business to Scott and took a leap of faith knowing that everything was exactly as it should be — lots of trust that the path which had presented itself to me was the way I was meant to follow. While my logical brain was just a bit nervous, my heart knew everything was going to be just fine.

And in my absence, all was smooth sailing.  No more bumps in the road, inpsections, appraisal and funding all came through with ease, and here we are, closing January 31st!  Huge congrats to my seller on his new adventures taking him to home ownership in a new state. Thank you for your trust, optimism and excellent communication throughout the whole process ~ thank you to Scott for holding it down and being so easy and great to work with ~ and thank you to myself for listening and trusting the inner guidance that suggests seemingly crazy ideas, but are really part of the medicine and joy in this wild journey of LIFE!

My takeaway from it all:

#1-Don’t wait to do the things you have been dreaming of.

#2-Help is all around you, you just have to ask! (And asking can make #1 possible)

#3-LISTEN to what your heart is calling for, even if your brain can’t make sense of it.

#4-Most things really work out with ease and fall into place when you let the heart drive the ship.

and lastly ~

#5-you can work in real estate AND take a REAL vacation — totally possible, but you have to make the choice to do it!

Sarah Grumbling

Broker Licensed in Oregon

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