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Turning a Big Challenge into a Win/Win

By Natalie Tracy, November 2, 2021

Paul and Ellen knew exactly what they wanted. They were already rolling through the pre-approval process and knew the timing was just right. My guidance to navigate the market and find the right-fit house was the only missing piece to the puzzle.

They both work from home and needed separate office spaces in addition to those for everyday life, including studio space for Paul to run a podcast. So, when we saw this adorable midcentury home with a finished basement in a quiet neighborhood, we all knew it was the perfect fit.

I got in touch with the listing agent right away, and this is where we had to navigate something a little tricky: the seller was asking buyers to put a contingency in their offer to allow her to search for her next home. Which basically means if the seller can’t find a home, they don’t have to sell. Which could mean the buyers have no house.


Needless to say, this makes the deal a stressful gamble for the buyers, both financially and emotionally. But what the seller didn’t understand is this also makes it more difficult for them to make a successful offer on their next home.

A bad deal for everyone involved.

I don’t like recommending my clients take that kind of risk. It’s preferable to come up with a solution that works better for both buyers and sellers. Now to get the listing agent on board with an alternative plan, working to the sellers benefit too.

“Hey, I have an idea. How about we instead work together and come up with a creative plan that actually works much better for everyone?” It turned out the listing agent was already on board.


So, we offered the seller the option to trigger an extension on her closing and the maximum amount of time in her home after closing. Giving her plenty of flexibility, and alleviating her fears that she wouldn’t find wouldn’t find another home in time.

Within two days of seeing the home, they were under contract, beating out another offer that wasn’t able to offer quite as much flexibility for the seller. Which made it easier for her to find her next home, and will get my buyers into their home sooner than expected.

Win/Win – now who doesn’t love that?

Natalie Tracy

Broker | OR & WA


I purchased my first Portland fixer 17 years ago, and was immediately hooked on Portland homes and neighborhoods. I bring that passion to helping my clients buy and sell their own perfectly Portland homes! I pride myself on meeting every client exactly where you are - whether you’re a first time buyer, a seller looking for more room, or anywhere in between, I’m here to help. I listen to your needs, and take the time and patience to create a stress-free process for you. I’m licensed in Oregon and Washington, so if you’re on the fence, I can help you in Portland and Vancouver. I’m also fluent in American Sign Language, and have been involved with the local Deaf community for more than 15 years. I ensure all of my clients feel informed and involved throughout the entire process, and I genuinely love what I get to do everyday. Drop me a text or give me a call - I’d love to buy you coffee/tea and chat about how I can help you!
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