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Youthful Energy

By Charity Adams, September 12, 2019

…is the folly of youth. It’s a blessing and a curse.

To have all that marvelous unchecked energy and vigor. And few productive outlets for it. It’s lightning in a bottle.

But what would one actually do with lightning in a bottle? Doesn’t that seems a little dangerous?

Couldn’t keep it on a shelf—too much risk of explosion. It needs to be directed, channeled into something where all that energy and vitality can be utilized. Idle hands are the devil’s workplace after all.

Thus were summer camps invented.

Especially in the long summer months, where each day’s light seems to stretch well beyond bedtimes and expectations. And it creeps in ever earlier throwing circadian rhythms out of sync. And prying those young eyes open.

The little ones wake and leave no sleepers in their wake.

And we all pray for the sweet release of school back in session. Will September never come?

Of course we love the children. Of course we do.

We also love them a little bit more when they can occupy themselves.

Or, someone else occupies them. Challenges them. Entertains them. Distracts them. Encourages them. Directs them. Re-directs them. Re-re-directs them. Whatever it takes for them.

Get them outdoors. Get them in groups. Get their hands involved. Get their brains engaged.

And most importantly—just run them. Wear them out. Exhaust and delight them. Then, you can send them home.

Run them down in the upper heights at the High Cascade Summer Snowboard Camp.


Charity Adams

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