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A Miracle for my Mother in Law

By Kim Parmon, April 21, 2021

Karen has an enormous heart.  She’s the type of person who rescues the mean old stray dog that no one wants.  She’s so kind that she spent the last decade devoted to caring for her ailing nonagenarian mother, who just passed.  Karen hasn’t thought much about her own happiness in awhile, she’s been so focused on others.

Karen is also my mother in law.  And when she finally decided it was time to move to Oregon to be closer to my family, I started keeping an eye out for the right home for her.  She wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted and she seemed daunted by the task of figuring it out.  I told her to focus on selling her home in Sacramento and not to worry about it, we would find it.  Still, she was worried.  And I didn’t blame her for being worried, this market is nuts and her budget wasn’t large.  I knew we would find the right home eventually, though.

And then I saw it: the perfect house.  It had charming cottage details, the perfect amount of space, and an epic yard for this professional horticulturalist.  And it was in budget and in MY NEIGHBORHOOD.  Sure, it needed a little love to make it shine, but that’s ok!  My husband and I immediately pictured our daughter riding her bike to grandma’s house.  How cool would that be?!  But I was out of town, and Karen didn’t even live here yet!  And this was probably going to sell for way more in multiple offers!  There were so many reasons why it shouldn’t work out.  It would have been easy to give up before even trying, but that’s not how I roll.  It is ALWAYS worth trying, even if you fail.  What was the worst thing that could happen?  A rejection?  Ha!  I eat rejections for breakfast.

I knew that time wasn’t on our side, so I called my close family friend and fellow Living Room agent, Robert Brady.  He was at the house within two hours doing a video tour for my family.  He also has known Karen for 20 years and he agreed this was the right fit for her.  What were we to do?  We knew it was a long shot to get this home within budget, but Karen wanted to try.  We worked hard to craft a compelling offer and submitted it right away.  The seller agreed to take it!  Instead of waiting for multiple offers, he decided Karen was the right buyer for this house and was happy to sell to her.

I got to hand Karen the keys to her new home today.  It was one of the most special key exchanges I’ve ever had.  Nothing beats the feeling of matching the perfect house with the perfect buyer, and it’s even better when that buyer is family!

Kim Parmon

Principal Broker

Oregon is the fifth state that Kim has called home in her life and this one is sticking!  She loves waking up every day in this beautiful place and looking out at the treetop view of her 1977 wood paneled contemporary with its 360-degree fireplace.  As a kid, Kim spent her free time wandering through open houses and exploring construction sites for the fun of it so it's no surprise that quirky architecture and unique spaces are a draw for her.  Formerly in the entertainment industry, Kim stumbled into real estate as a profession through the purchase of her first bungalow in Pasadena, CA.  After renovating it with her husband and selling it for enough of a profit to pay off their debt as well as buy a new house to live in, a new passion was born.  This passion eventually led her to put down roots in Portland in 2015 and grow her referrals-based business in her new hometown.  Kim excels at seeing the potential in a space and gets excited about maximizing both the functionality and beauty of a home. Kim understands that real estate is a service and the experience she gives her clients is first rate.  She works hard to anticipate needs.  She is responsive, thorough, and empathic.  Her successful approach to negotiation is based on psychology and being adaptive to each situation she is in.  Her ethics and reputation are cornerstones of her business and the happiness of her clients is the yardstick that she measures success against. In her free time, you'll find Kim enjoying lazy evenings by the fire with her husband, daughter, and grumpy old rescue dogs.  She loves yoga, dancing, exploring all of the beautiful places around us in the PNW, enjoying a cider and a good meal with friends, and browsing Powell's for a great new book.
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