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Don’t give up! Your house is out there

By Kim Parmon, October 29, 2020

In January, B.C. (Before Covid), I had some lovely past clients put me in touch with some of their friends.  Josh and Jamie had had a poor experience purchasing their first home and needed a fierce advocate in their corner.  They wanted to sell their current home and find a bigger house in a more rural setting with a great shop.  It seemed simple enough in our pre-pandemic market.

And then, as we all know, the Covid hit.  This actually shifted the real estate market in a very interesting way: buyers started yearning for more rural properties and moving en masse to the outskirts of town.  Josh and Jamie spent several months preparing their current home for market in hopes that this trend would slow down!  We listed their home after all of their hard work and got twelve great offers right away.  This allowed Josh and Jamie to be in the position to ask for a longer closing and have time in their home after they sold so that they didn’t need to stress about finding temporary housing while they looked for their next place.

And so our search began.  We were working with a good budget, and several homes looked interesting.  But for every home out there on a nice street with a nice shop and some property, there were twenty or more buyers who wanted it.  It was rough!  Josh and Jamie wrote several offers to no avail.  I told them not to lose heart and that I knew their house was out there.  I could feel it!

Not long afterwards, a fantastic home in St. Helens hit the market.  It had absolutely everything on their wish list!  They toured it right away and knew immediately that they wanted to write an offer.  I worked hard to establish a good relationship with the list agent and made a great case for Josh and Jamie.  Despite the fact that there were back to back showings and a ton of interest, the sellers decided to just accept their offer without waiting for multiples!  We were even able to get multiple repair requests taken care of during our inspection period.

It’s been a long journey, but Josh and Jamie just closed on their perfect new home today.  I am so honored to have been the agent they chose to be in their corner through this process!  This truly was a magical happy ending for a wonderful family.


Kim Parmon

Principal Broker

Oregon is the fifth state that Kim has called home in her life and this one is sticking!  She loves waking up every day in this beautiful place and looking out at the treetop view of her 1977 wood paneled contemporary with its 360-degree fireplace.  As a kid, Kim spent her free time wandering through open houses and exploring construction sites for the fun of it so it's no surprise that quirky architecture and unique spaces are a draw for her.  Formerly in the entertainment industry, Kim stumbled into real estate as a profession through the purchase of her first bungalow in Pasadena, CA.  After renovating it with her husband and selling it for enough of a profit to pay off their debt as well as buy a new house to live in, a new passion was born.  This passion eventually led her to put down roots in Portland in 2015 and grow her referrals-based business in her new hometown.  Kim excels at seeing the potential in a space and gets excited about maximizing both the functionality and beauty of a home. Kim understands that real estate is a service and the experience she gives her clients is first rate.  She works hard to anticipate needs.  She is responsive, thorough, and empathic.  Her successful approach to negotiation is based on psychology and being adaptive to each situation she is in.  Her ethics and reputation are cornerstones of her business and the happiness of her clients is the yardstick that she measures success against. In her free time, you'll find Kim enjoying lazy evenings by the fire with her husband, daughter, and grumpy old rescue dogs.  She loves yoga, dancing, exploring all of the beautiful places around us in the PNW, enjoying a cider and a good meal with friends, and browsing Powell's for a great new book.
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