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If Ye Dare…

By Steve Brian, November 14, 2019

Come closer all and gather near,

What follows this may give ye fear.

So still ye all and hear this tale,

Of gloomy woe beyond the pale.


In Buckman hood, just south of Stark,

Find ye may the creeping dark,

With murky crypts and molding bones,

Amidst these residential zones.


A cemetery called Lone Fir,

Where ghouls and specters oft will stir,

Beware the view from Morrison,

Where might ye learn the horrors done.


If ye be brave and fear no ills,

On in ye stroll, light-dappled spills,

And rove ye shall amongst the graves,

When reverent awe a body craves.


If stress ye have should need release,

Discover here a place of peace,

And still the storm within thy chest,

With those that keep eternal rest.


And should thy feet need exercise,

Thy legs ye stretch under the skies

Above the green and mossy tombs

Of pioneers with varied dooms.


With residents of famous name,

To find them all would be a game;

A captain dead, a prostitute,

Among the passed of ill-repute.


For those that yearn for mystery,

And treasure dear this history,

In seeking those that also think,

With cursor mouse, ye click this link.

Steve Brian

Broker | OR


Steve has made his career based on the concept that “service comes first.” He has helped clients buy and sell homes on both sides of the river and has a strong understanding of what it takes to negotiate in a way that allows his clients to feel that their best interests are always at the forefront of the negotiation table. He has worked with first time buyers, upsizers, downsizers and investors alike, priding himself on being able to provide well-informed advice based on the current market and leaving the final decisions up to his clients! After moving to Portland in 2002, Steve bounced around different neighborhoods on the Eastside of Portland and grew a love for straight shots of espresso. He has now planted roots with his family in the Terra Linda neighborhood of NW Portland and is a sucker for a delicious beer on a hot, summer day from one of the many local breweries in Portland. When he’s not wearing his “Steve the REALTOR®” hat, he likes to spend time with his wife and two boys, taking trips to OMSI, The Zoo, or just putting on some mud boots and finding trails to explore. "Service Comes First!"
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