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Just sold in Montavilla!

By Kim Parmon, February 29, 2020

Debbie wasn’t planning on moving any time soon.  She only bought her cute house in Montavilla a few years back and had been painstakingly renovating it to suit her needs.  Well, life happens sometimes.  Debbie met a new love and the two of them decided to move to Bend together.  They found the house they wanted and pulled the trigger!  I have to say, I love decisive people.  There’s nothing better than going after what you want and getting it!

Once the Bend deal had been completed, Debbie knew it was time to sell.  We worked hard to present her home in the best possible light and it paid off: we had five strong offers right away!  We went over the terms of each and Debbie selected her favorite.  I have to say, she definitely chose the right one: some sweet first time homebuyers were super excited to win the bid.  Their agent was a seasoned pro and we all worked together very smoothly to get the deal done!

Yesterday, Debbie bid her old house adieu.  Best of luck on your next adventure!


Offered at: 365k

Closed at: 385k

Kim Parmon

Principal Broker

Kim is the first person who will tell you she never expected to be a Realtor. She's had many creative jobs in the past and spent years as a high-volume bartender-turned-bar owner, which she feels gave her an essential skill that translates beautifully into her career in real estate: the ability to juggle 1,000 things at the same time while keeping everyone calm! She became obsessed with buying a house after the market crashed in 2009, finally buying her very first teeny-tiny dilapidated bungalow as a short sale in 2011. She and her husband, Matt, spent a few years fixing it up, then sold it for a profit and bought another project. And then they did it again. And the rest is history! Kim's talent for finding diamonds in the rough has made her into one of Portland's most sought-after investment Realtors. She loves seeing the missed potential in properties and has all kinds of tricks up her sleeve to find great investments but this talent is equally useful when it comes to traditional buyers and sellers. When you buy a home with Kim's assistance you can be sure that she is looking at all angles of the purchase to make sure it aligns with your financial goals as well as your lifestyle and she will stop at nothing to make sure you are taken care of! Some of her clients think she's gotten their offers accepted through sheer force of will! When you list a house with her she will go above and beyond to present your house in the best possible light to make sure you maximize your return on investment. Above all else, Kim prides herself on her integrity and believes that everyone deserves a caring Realtor partner who truly listens and tries to do what's right for her clients, even when no one is looking. She is thrilled to call this beautiful city home and can't wait to help you make your dreams come true through real estate.
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