Blog to our clients We Appreciate You

We Appreciate You

By Living Room Realty, November 26, 2020

To our beautiful clients –

Thank you so much for the wild ride we’ve had over the past year. It’s been amazing to see your dedication and commitment to riding the bidding war wave alongside Chris and I in finding the perfect house. We are thankful that by the time we close on a home we can call one another friends. And to all of our sellers, it’s been especially exciting to see how hard you’ve  worked to finish all of your projects and allow us to work alongside of  you to reach your goal. We’ve been in awe of those of you that picked up a paint brush, busted out your neighbor’s pressure washer and tiled your own floors all by yourself.  Having never tiled before!  We’re so thrilled and humbled that you chose to work with Chris and I.  It is always a big deal to us that we get to go on this ride with you — thanks for giving us the chance to help each other grow!


Tracy and Chris

Living Room Realty

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